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A recruiting blurb that didn't work

August 31, 2023

This was the recruiting blurb I used (completely unsuccessfully!) to recruit research participants. Instead, I ended up just using actual social media interactions. I preserve users' confidentiality by excluding all metadata that could lead to them being identified.

Here's the blurb, for what it's worth:
Do you have insights into (or questions about) divisions facing contemporary US society? What do you think about social media debates, sometimes described as “toxic”? These are among the questions addressed by this study of social media interaction in which “theologizing” occurs about social or political issues, explained below and in the informed consent form on Google forms (which collects no personal data but asks for a response via the Contact form on this website or one of the social media links; and you can click “clear form” at any point in the Google form).

Click here for Informed Consent Form
I am a researcher seeking 25 to 40 people from many backgrounds and perspectives, to be “cultural mentors” to me as I answer these questions. “Cultural mentors” are research participants in the study; compensation for about two hours of participation will be up to US$50—click here for details via the consent form. Being a Cultural Mentor may also give you new approaches you can use in your social media participation.

I will ask Cultural Mentors about:
·        the social media platforms where they interact 
·        the people they encounter there
·        the nature of interaction
·        what motivates them to continue interacting

To be a Cultural Mentor,
·        you currently participate in or encounter social media interaction in which some participants “theologize” about politics or social ethics
·        this social media interaction includes polarizing social or political issues

Key terms (defined for the purposes of this particular research project):
·        theologizing about politics or ethics - using scriptural references and/or a theological basis to take or challenge a position in politics or social ethics
     o   includes posts by religious leaders, even when they do not use scriptural references or a theological basis
·        social media – interaction online that can be seen (and joined) by others besides the original participants, both in real-time and afterwards
     o   is replicable (can be copied, saved, re-posted)
     o   includes blogs and podcasts and comment threads on articles
     o   a place where commenters can interact
Purpose: to understand a range of perspectives on the seemingly heated interaction around faith-based public policy positions in the US

Timeline: July 2022 to July 2023

Participation includes:
     15-minute screening interview
     45-minute main interview
     ranking of statements after all Cultural Mentors have been interviewed
     final interview to respond to researcher’s findings.

Click here to participate or to learn more

And please share this with anyone whom you think might be interested (social media share buttons are at the bottom of this page).

Thanks very much!

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