Curriculum vitae

+1 (626) 578-5145

PhD Candidate in Intercultural Studies

Fuller Theological Seminary

135 N. Oakland Ave, Pasadena CA 91182


Aug 31, 2023

A recruiting blurb that didn't work

This was the recruiting blurb I used (completely unsuccessfully!) to recruit research participants. Instead, I ended up just using actual social media interactions. I preserve users' confidentiality by excluding all metadata that could lead to them bei...

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Jan 20, 2023

Ad campaign began 18 Jan with the image below


Jun 9, 2022

Privacy is important

I take people’s privacy seriously. So, even though posts on public pages are open to anyone, it doesn’t necessarily follow that the people who made the posts want “what they have entered online” to “become [a researcher’s] data unbeknownst to them,” as...

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